One of the real joys of Christmas is the opportunity to say thank you and so our thoughts turn in sincere appreciation to all those who have contributed to our well-being. In this spirit we simply say ~ Thank You.
Al and I wish each of you Health and Happiness throughout the next year.

For us, another real joy of Christmas and the beginning of a New Year is our annual “time-out” :) :)


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~CLOSURE NOTICE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Numa Farms closes  on Saturday  December 13th 2014 at 5 pm

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~RE-OPENING ON~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tuesday February 1oth 2015 at 8:30 am

During closure we could be
a) on site and available or
b) off site and unavailable

You are also welcome to contact us while Numa Farms is closed. We prefer (in order)
Text/phone message 250.474.6005

SPECIALS: From now till we close:

~ ~$5 per ARMLOAD ~ MASSES of fragrant CEDAR BOUGHS ~ ~

20% off everything plus $5 for 1-gal & select 2-gal $12!

USED POTS: 1 Gallon 15¢, 5 Gallon 75¢, 7 Gallon = $1.05

Merry_Christmas_TreeEVERGREEN & DECIDUOUS HEDGING ~ different types, textures & sizes to meet your landscape and privacy wishes

  • Clumping Bamboo
    In Bamboo Land, Fargesia rufa is repeatedly voted the Best All-Rounder. It is extremely cold hardy and tolerant of heat, sun, shade, drought, deer, is non-invasive, goes quickly to 8ft yet is beautiful in every possible way as a landscape specimen, in containers or as a stunning privacy hedge! Deer don’t eat, clumping to 3ft diameter wide at ground, arching to various heights 6ft to 12ft
  • Emerald Green Cedars
    Deer eat, plant 2ft apart, needs no pruning, stays narrow & grows ~ 1.5ft a yr to ~12ft tall
  • Excelsa Red Cedar
    Deer don’t eat, plant 3ft apart, prune width & height to suit site, grows ~ 2ft a yr in early yrs
  • Leyland Cypress
    Deer don’t eat, plant 3ft apart, prune yearly width & height, grows ~2-5ft a yr
  • Yews – Hedging or Columnar
    Deer eat them, plant hedging 3ft apart, minimal pruning
  • Laurels – English, Portuguese, Russian
    Generally deer don’t eat, plant 3ft apart, prune as desired
  • Assorted trees, shrubbery, grasses of various heights for all your privacy screening needs





Safe Travels … Enjoy :)
Sharon and Al @ Numa Farms Nursery


Text/phone message 250.474.6005