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EVERGREEN & DECIDUOUS HEDGING ~ different types, textures & sizes to meet your landscape and privacy wishes

  • Clumping Bamboo
    In Bamboo Land, Fargesia rufa is repeatedly voted the Best All-Rounder. It is extremely cold hardy and tolerant of heat, sun, shade, drought, deer, is non-invasive, goes quickly to 8ft yet is beautiful in every possible way as a landscape specimen, in containers or as a stunning privacy hedge! Deer don’t eat, clumping to 3ft diameter wide at ground, arching to various heights 6ft to 12ft
  • Emerald Green Cedars
    Deer eat, plant 2ft apart, needs no pruning, stays narrow & grows ~ 1.5ft a yr to ~12ft tall
  • Excelsa Red Cedar
    Deer don’t eat, plant 3ft apart, prune width & height to suit site, grows ~ 2ft a yr in early yrs
  • Leyland Cypress
    Deer don’t eat, plant 3ft apart, prune yearly width & height, grows ~2-5ft a yr
  • Yews – Hedging or Columnar
    Deer eat them, plant hedging 3ft apart, minimal pruning
  • Laurels – English, Portuguese, Russian
    Generally deer don’t eat, plant 3ft apart, prune as desired
  • Assorted trees, shrubbery, grasses of various heights for all your privacy screening needs




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